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My Very Basic Skin Care Routine // Get Ready With Me

I am the most minimal person when it comes to skin care, everyone has their toners and cleansers whereas I literally only use face scrubs and hope for the best! Yes sometimes my skin is really bad but that's mostly due to my diet not how I'm washing my face! Even though my skin is… Continue reading My Very Basic Skin Care Routine // Get Ready With Me

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What’s In My Bag // University Edition

A while ago I did my whats in my bag for my handbag, however, with losing all my images the post is in tatters and it is really useless. So I have decided that I am going to update this with doing my whats in my bag university edition! I barely ever use my handbag anymore as… Continue reading What’s In My Bag // University Edition

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Fall Wardrobe // Tartan Skirt

Here's yet another outfit I'm going to be wearing all this autumn and throughout winter! I bought this skirt in Exhibit 2 years ago, exhibit used to have so many nice skirts in their stone, but unfortunately they closed down. This skirt just screams autumn to me, the colours are perfect and they go so… Continue reading Fall Wardrobe // Tartan Skirt

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Benefits of Working at the Weekend // Back to University

I seem to have a lot going on for someone who has nothing going on. I seem to be constantly busy when I'm not, I only go to university three days a week, THATS IT!! Yet I always seem to be falling behind on work. Personally I blame my boyfriend, it so hard to do… Continue reading Benefits of Working at the Weekend // Back to University

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My Jewellery Collection // Pandora

Hello everyone, saying on how I got my new job with a jewellery company I decided to share part of my jewellery collection, starting with my Pandora collection. I have gathered quite a lot of pandora jewellery the last few years, including charms, rings and necklaces. My first piece of Pandora jewellery was my Daisy Ring … Continue reading My Jewellery Collection // Pandora

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Fall Wardrobe // Teal Skirt Outfit

I have so many fall wardrobe items! It's crazy! One of my new fall favourites has to be my teal skirt which I bought out of Primark. I haven't seen anyone ever see a teal skirt before and I initially had no idea what to wear with it. In Primark, the skirt was on a display… Continue reading Fall Wardrobe // Teal Skirt Outfit

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My Go To Perfume // Everyday Fragrances

I have had many perfumes in my life, from cheap ones to expensive ones, from sweet ones to musky ones, one thing in common with all of them.. I've gotten really sick of them. Especially my Ailen perfume which I used to love, just reminds me of vodka and nights out now. One perfume which I haven't gotten… Continue reading My Go To Perfume // Everyday Fragrances

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Papergang by Ohh Deer// Natasha Durley Box

Hello again, Im back once again with another papergang box!! This months box will be my final box for a while as i am broke!! and i cant afford to pay for them anymore. This box was illustrated by Natasha Durley, which is super cute!! I love the colours, I love everything about it which I… Continue reading Papergang by Ohh Deer// Natasha Durley Box

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My Fall Routine // My Mornings

Hello everyone, now that I am back in university I finally have a routine again for my mornings! A super early one, but it really sets me up for the day! 7am - 7:30am: Wake up! I take so long in the mornings to wake up and even get up. I always plan to get… Continue reading My Fall Routine // My Mornings

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My New Favourite Concealer // Makeup Finds

I have had my fair share of concealers which I have used since I first started wearing makeup almost 10 years ago. I think now I have finally found my favourite concealer, after all this time. One of my first concealers had to be the Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer, I also had the… Continue reading My New Favourite Concealer // Makeup Finds